Noodling My Garden

It has been a long, long while through my journey since I’ve had a vegetable and herb garden to enjoy.   This Spring I have been inspired to rekindle this love and decided to noodle my way to create both types of gardens.  Gardening always gave me a peaceful joy and happiness in my soul, and I genuinely long to experience this bliss again.

Where I am renting the yard is sunny and huge!  Perfect for growing vegetables as well as multiple flower beds on the property where my herbs can be added.

This vegetable garden will be a big project to undertake, but I am so excited to get started.  I already picked out the spot and started the seedlings.  I first created a visual map through drawing and noodling to get me started. I really enjoyed playing around with what vegetables I wanted to plant, space requirements and their placement in the garden.

My garden will be approximately 22 by 17 feet in size.  This size will be perfect me as I plan to experiment with vertical gardening techniques using homemade trellises to maximize the use of space.  It will be interesting to see how much I can yield from a garden this size!

I am hoping to break ground this week, using good old muscle and a medium size tiller.  I may end up hiring someone to till it for me, depends on what I find when I start digging. Starting now will give me time to prep the soil and to also design and build good fencing.  We have a friendly little woodchuck as well as three rabbits living in our yard, so fencing will be the hardest challenge for me.  I am busy noodling ideas and designs to figure out the most inexpensive way to build one.  I’ve been told keeping woodchucks out of your garden is one of the hardest challenges.  We’ll see if I can be creatively successful!

This anticipation of gardening again is so exciting for me, and I am so looking forward to this adventure. There is nothing more awesome then starting your garden from seeds.  It amazes me how one little seed grows to produce so much goodness!  .

Happy Noodling, Sheryl


Noodling in Life is GOOD!

Noodling is something that I am learning to do everyday, whether it is painting, writing, drawing, cooking, creating, playing mandolin, or learning something new, noodling is becoming common for me now and I welcome it every moment I can.

What is noodling?  Noodling for me is letting my mind, eyes, ears, and hands experiment, ponder, create, imagine, engage, and joyfully achieve heartfelt bliss with minimal expectation of outcome.  I guess you could say it is being in the moment and letting my creativity, ideas and inspirations spontaneously come to life.  Sometimes noodles turn out fantastic, sometimes not, but it is the time spent noodling that is important to me.  It blesses me with peace in the midst of a crazy insane life.

This Blog is one of my new noodles, a learning challenge and outlet that really excites me!  I am so looking forward with anticipation of sharing my noodles, hoping to inspire other to noodle too.  Please feel free to share your inspirations, ideas, comments and of course your noodles!   I would love to learn what others are doing with moments of creative bliss or just moments of spontaneous opportunities.

If we can all learn to noodle through our journey, it is truly a fulfilling and joyful way to live life don’t you think? We all deserve moments of joy, creativity and inspiration!

Happy Noodling,