To Garden Or Not To Garden…..

This past month has been a hectic one for me.  Where did April go??????  Now it’s the middle of May.  My goal to blog has been doing as well as my seedlings I started four weeks ago.  Not many are growing.  I have never had a batch of seedlings fail like this before.  Perhaps this is a sign that a garden is just not in the picture for me for me this summer.

Our yard is full of more critters than I could imagine, including, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, turkeys and a pudgy little wood chuck.

I have been trying to think of ways to design fencing, especially for the woodchuck, but in all honesty the energy and resources to do it right is a bigger challenge and expense than I thought.  I do not have a good cheering section that tells me my ability to keep the woodchuck out will be a successful one……  Hmmmmm, “To Garden Or Not To Garden”….that is the question.

Not to mention the woodchuck, the weather has been crazy here, pretty cold and rainier than usual! There has been more rain this May than all of April put together!    Praying it will not be another one of those gloomy summers….

I am not sure what I will end up doing. Maybe I can consider other options,,,,create a smaller garden then I originally planned and buy pre-started plants, or I could also create a small container garden on my deck. These are not what I originally inspired to noodle but maybe its the best I can do considering it all.

The thought of not gardening this summer depresses me! Even if I end up with only one tomato plant on the deck, I will some how garden something!  Life is just too short not to do something you love.

I will let you know by month end what I successfully achieve.

Happy Noodling Always,