I Finally see Buds!!!!

I am very happy to share that my daffodils are finally starting to bloom.  Amazingly they are almost three weeks late in comparison to last year.


This is going to be another night of low 30’s unfortunately.  Spring is coming but boy is it slow!

Many of my shrubs and trees are starting to bud, my heart is filled with anticipation that “real” spring temps will be here soon!  I found little ants working on their entry tunnels and saw a few moths last night when sitting out on the deck.  This made me very happy as once the bugs start crawling, warmer weather is surely on its way!

I am almost done with the yard clean up and my seedlings are all taking off nicely.


I moved some of my yellow bush bean seedlings into the garden, (started to do well) but the wind was so strong last night, it bent and broke some of the stems. Lost four of them, Bummer!  Nature is just too extreme at times!!  Luckily my next batch will be ready in another two weeks.

I am trying to design my garden so it will continually produce veggies throughout Spring, Summer and Fall by starting seedlings ever few weeks.  This is a new approach to gardening for me, but very excited to give it a try.  If any of you have any suggestions it would be great to hear from you!

So far in the garden only my radishes, arugula and lettuce are sprouting, I am really surprised anything is growing given the weather.


Even with these cold temps these radishes are looking pretty good!  Almost ready to be thinned out.  Amazing how hearty these veggies are!

I am still waiting for my sugar snap peas, spinach, kale and beets.  My progress is slower than hoped for but I am delighted just the same!  Better to be doing something than nothing!

I sure hope the weather is warmer in your corner of the world and that you guys are accomplishing your yard and gardening projects. Personally, I think this has got to be one of the coldest Spring seasons that I can remember here in Massachusetts!

Will touch base again soon with another update, until then happy gardening!  Drop a note with an update if you have a moment, would love to hear how everyone else is making progress!



Spring Warmth….Waiting Impatiently!

Hello All!

Not sure how the temps are in your corner of the world but it is still mighty cool here in Massachusetts.  Luckily the nights are staying in the 30’s instead of the 20’s but we are still averaging 15 – 20 degrees below normal!  This is pretty crazy and I am growing more impatient everyday!  I would be interested to know how things are in your corner of the world, are your temps below normal like ours????

To keep my spirits up I’ve been researching cooler weather veggies, I decided to add beets, kale and carrots to my spring veggie assortment.   Being so much cooler than normal it will likely delay my spring veggies from sprouting, but luckily these veggies can grow even in cool spring weather so I am keeping the faith they’ll sprout eventually.

I decided to try a few new brands of seeds this year, I used to always trust Burpee but I have not been as happy with the results so I spent last few weeks gallivanting the country side visiting nurseries and checking out other sources.  I have have discovered Renee’s Garden and Plant Hart.  I used Seeds of Change last year and was very pleased with my crops, so thought it would be good to try a few more new seed companies.  I will be sure to let you know how they did.


My family thinks its hilarious that seed packets still cover our dining room table, a along with my notes and details ( I have kept old packets of last years seeds to compare with the new ones) I bought some specialty seeds (uncommon varieties) and very excited to see how these grow!  I also have maps of my gardens, figuring out the placement of all these seedlings that are taking up space in our picture window….My obsession to gardening now includes my love for researching and shopping for seeds!!!!  I just wish my vegetable garden was bigger!!!!

In the midst my hectic schedule and the seed shopping, I have managed to get out and work on other beds and areas of the yard.  Many of the herbs and perennial flowers I planted last year did not fair well unfortunately.  Our temps were really low and being fairly young, they likely were not established enough to survive our weeks of deep freeze temps.


My pink phlox (pictured above) somehow survived, after a summer of being chewed on and stripped naked by rabbits and our woodchuck, it is happily growing and wakening to welcome spring.  My Bee Balm also survived, but unfortunately lost my lemon balm, peppermint, sage, thyme and others…..so disappointing. Many of these I planted in early July so if I decide to plant more I am going to plan to do so in May.

My peppers did so well in the front yard last year, that I have decided to save space in my veggie garden and grow all of them in the front garden beds this year.  The sun and soil there grow happy pepper so figured I’d mix it up and turn the front beds into more veggies this year.  As you can see in one of my front flower beds below, my daffodils have still yet to bloom.  This time last year they were beautiful and bright.  Cannot wait for them to open!


By some miracle I have most of the beds prepped and ready, with a handful more around the yard to get too.  This yard is huge, its almost overwhelming!  I am really happy that I am making good progress this year, last year putting in my veggie garden took a lot of time and some areas I did not manage to get to.  Hoping I can get to all of them this season!

I would love to hear how the weather is fairing in your area and how your spring gardening is going!   Happy gardening everyone and looking forward to reading your posts!


Good Bye Snow! Hello Spring Veggies!!!!!

I am so delighted that Spring finally has arrived here in Massachusetts!  This is the last little pile of snow left in my front yard.  After this rough winter, I am glad not to have to see it much longer!


I have been working hard this past week cleaning and prepping the garden to get my Spring veggies in the ground.  I planted Sugar Snap Peas, Radishes, Lettuce, Spinach, Arugula and Onions.

I learned from last year that my garden is more of a spring-summer garden.  By Mid September the garden does not get a lot of sun and a Fall harvest is not very successful. In watching the sun, I have great sun exposure in the Spring!  So Spring veggies it is!!

This is year two of my garden that I started late last May.  I have hand tilled in compost and other natural fertilizers, great exercise! I hurt in places I forgot I even had!  I am so very excited to see the improvement in my crops and taste those fresh veggies.  Last year I had the expense of putting in a fence so my budget was lean and I did not have the ability to add a lot of top soil, compost, ect.  I am so happy that the soil is looking great!


I am waiting for the seeds I started indoors to start peeking through.  This year I am planting them in larger containers just in case.  A late arrival of Spring could mean a late arrival of Summer.  I lost some of my seedlings last year because I used tiny little seed starting containers and being so damp and cold they did not survive the wait inside very well.  Learned my lesson not to let that happen again.


We are going to have a great collection of hot peppers and tomatoes this year!  I am really looking forward to keeping everyone up to date with the goal of posting weekly. I am also excited about reading everyone’s progress as we start a new growing season! May this year be a blessed harvest for us all!

Happy gardening everyone!