Good Bye Snow! Hello Spring Veggies!!!!!

I am so delighted that Spring finally has arrived here in Massachusetts!  This is the last little pile of snow left in my front yard.  After this rough winter, I am glad not to have to see it much longer!


I have been working hard this past week cleaning and prepping the garden to get my Spring veggies in the ground.  I planted Sugar Snap Peas, Radishes, Lettuce, Spinach, Arugula and Onions.

I learned from last year that my garden is more of a spring-summer garden.  By Mid September the garden does not get a lot of sun and a Fall harvest is not very successful. In watching the sun, I have great sun exposure in the Spring!  So Spring veggies it is!!

This is year two of my garden that I started late last May.  I have hand tilled in compost and other natural fertilizers, great exercise! I hurt in places I forgot I even had!  I am so very excited to see the improvement in my crops and taste those fresh veggies.  Last year I had the expense of putting in a fence so my budget was lean and I did not have the ability to add a lot of top soil, compost, ect.  I am so happy that the soil is looking great!


I am waiting for the seeds I started indoors to start peeking through.  This year I am planting them in larger containers just in case.  A late arrival of Spring could mean a late arrival of Summer.  I lost some of my seedlings last year because I used tiny little seed starting containers and being so damp and cold they did not survive the wait inside very well.  Learned my lesson not to let that happen again.


We are going to have a great collection of hot peppers and tomatoes this year!  I am really looking forward to keeping everyone up to date with the goal of posting weekly. I am also excited about reading everyone’s progress as we start a new growing season! May this year be a blessed harvest for us all!

Happy gardening everyone!



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