I Finally see Buds!!!!

I am very happy to share that my daffodils are finally starting to bloom.  Amazingly they are almost three weeks late in comparison to last year.


This is going to be another night of low 30’s unfortunately.  Spring is coming but boy is it slow!

Many of my shrubs and trees are starting to bud, my heart is filled with anticipation that “real” spring temps will be here soon!  I found little ants working on their entry tunnels and saw a few moths last night when sitting out on the deck.  This made me very happy as once the bugs start crawling, warmer weather is surely on its way!

I am almost done with the yard clean up and my seedlings are all taking off nicely.


I moved some of my yellow bush bean seedlings into the garden, (started to do well) but the wind was so strong last night, it bent and broke some of the stems. Lost four of them, Bummer!  Nature is just too extreme at times!!  Luckily my next batch will be ready in another two weeks.

I am trying to design my garden so it will continually produce veggies throughout Spring, Summer and Fall by starting seedlings ever few weeks.  This is a new approach to gardening for me, but very excited to give it a try.  If any of you have any suggestions it would be great to hear from you!

So far in the garden only my radishes, arugula and lettuce are sprouting, I am really surprised anything is growing given the weather.


Even with these cold temps these radishes are looking pretty good!  Almost ready to be thinned out.  Amazing how hearty these veggies are!

I am still waiting for my sugar snap peas, spinach, kale and beets.  My progress is slower than hoped for but I am delighted just the same!  Better to be doing something than nothing!

I sure hope the weather is warmer in your corner of the world and that you guys are accomplishing your yard and gardening projects. Personally, I think this has got to be one of the coldest Spring seasons that I can remember here in Massachusetts!

Will touch base again soon with another update, until then happy gardening!  Drop a note with an update if you have a moment, would love to hear how everyone else is making progress!



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