A Little Bit About Me….

My name is Sheryl and I live in Central Massachusetts.  I am a creative soul who loves almost every form of art medium there is.  I especially love playing with new art supplies, learning how to play my mandolin, trying new recipes, spending time with family and friends and working on my career and professional development. I am known for being in constant motion, always doing something.  It is likely that my grave stone will read “Here lies Sheryl who lived and noodled herself to death”  I am determined to live every moment that I can to the fullest and encourage everyone around me to do the same.

I am new to blogging and really looking forward to this fun adventure.  Sometimes I am so busy I don’t post very often, which I hope to do more often going forward. I’ve been learning how to use wordpress with the help of a few tutorials and books.  As time moves forward your likely to see my blog evolve as I learn new ways to change its appearance and function.  This is really more fun than I imagined, just wish I had more time that I could commit.

Most of my blogs at this point are about my attempts at gardening, (vegetables, herbs and flowers) but I plan to share other topics too.  Photography, water color painting, my creative art, learning graphic design, hobbies, career topics and many other noodling activities. You will notice, I enjoy a large variety of topics and hope to share them, inspiring others to get out there and try new things or even rekindle old hobbies, goals, or ideas.  Life is just too short.

I also really enjoy reading other peoples blogs and have some favorites I follow and read regularly.  There is a great community here in the blogging world, always something new to read about, learn and relate to.

I appreciate your visiting my blog, your comments, ideas and suggestions are always welcome!  I would love to hear and learn what your noodling about.  Life is so much richer when you share it with others.

Happy Noodling,



One thought on “A Little Bit About Me….

  1. Blogging can get addictive! 🙂 It’s great to be able to connect with people who have the same interests. Looking forward to your posts!

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