Happy May!

Happy May Everybody!

It’s amazing but May is already here!!!! I am a little late in my blogging this week but I have had a great time working in the yard! Our temperatures here in Massachusetts have been awesome. All of my daffodil’s have finally bloomed and their bright yellow colors are wonderful!  Nothing lifts my spirits like flowers!

DaffodilsBeing such a late Spring, I treated myself to a hanging planter full of yellow pansies a few weeks back, these were so pretty I just could not resist them.  They added a nice splash of color until my other flowers bloomed.

Yellow Pansie



My spring vegetables in the garden are really starting to sprout!  My sugar snap peas, my radishes and spinach are in the lead.  My carrots (that I am trying for the first time) and green onions are finally starting to poke out of the soil.

I’m so excited and happy you would have thought I won the lottery or something!  I just love gardening!  (Have you noticed your friends who don’t garden look at you like your nuts?????) 

I planted my first batch of sunflowers, Sunzilla (Giant) and Van Gogh (Ornamental), these seeds are from Renee’s Garden, I started them inside three weeks ago. They are all growing great!

Giant Sunflower

I also added a few Climbing Nasturtiums “Moonlight” also seeds from Renee’s Garden, to the corners of the vegetable garden where they can climb and bring more color.  I really like the idea of growing both vegetables and flowers together.  It’s like having the best of both worlds.

I worked on giving my herb garden a face lift with fresh mulch and added in some hot peppers (I got at my local nursery) and yellow marigolds.  I learned the hard way last year that most flowers become tasty snacks for the rabbits so won’t do that again. There are only a handful of flowering perennials and annuals they will not eat.

Herb Garden

My Double Blue Balloon Flower finally has popped through the soil! I thought I lost it but quickly learned these usually don’t start growing till late Spring.

Ballon Flower - Platycodon

I am reading up on all these plants and learning their growing patterns, there is so much I still don’t know about gardening! I’m learning and loving every minute of it!  I added in lavender, thyme and other herbs to replace the plants that didn’t make it through winter. I lost more than I anticipated, so hoping by planting them early this Spring they will be more established before next winter.

My bee balm is really doing well and so looking forward to them blooming!  These really attract the butterflies in my yard!  Thankfully they are hearty and easy to grow!

Bee Balm

Last year I planted numerous plants to attract butterflies and humming birds. (Humming bird bush, a butterfly bush (purple), pink and white phlox and bee balm.  So excited for everything to bloom!

We have our humming bird feeder out but no sign of them yet, with the temps getting warmer I expect to see them any day now!  I have only seen a few small butterflies but I expect to start seeing more of them soon too.  I am really looking forward to their return!

By chance anyone in New England seen Humming birds yet???? I will post and let you all know when they arrive here!  I would think they should be here in the next week or two.

I also recently came to the conclusion you can never have enough Basil in your garden, so also growing some in containers on my deck.  Just love fresh pesto and this will make more room in my garden for other veggies to try!!!!



 I am also delighted that my Lilly of the valley is finally growing, I am hoping this will spread to help fill in this shady area of our back yard flower garden.  We have quite a few shady areas in the yard that I am hoping to add a few more perennials to this spring.

Lilly of the ValleyMy Snow Drop Anemone is growing great too and is filling out nicely.   These flowers are beautiful and really hoping it will bloom more this year as they make great cut flowers to bring a friend!

Snow Drop Anemone

Most of my indoor veggies are doing well with the exception of my tomatoes, my first batch died off except two, the second batch of seeds I started are slow to sprout.  May have to go buy them from one of the local nurseries.  I find it a challenge to find organic veggies, I was lucky to find the peppers, but may have to look for tomatoes if these seedlings don’t make progress.  Do you guys have a hard time finding organic veggies and herbs where you live?

Over the next week hoping to get my other garden beds planted and mulched, as well as welcome the return of the Humming birds and Butterflies.  Hope your Spring gardening and projects are going great!  Looking forward to reading everyone’s blogs to see what you’ve been up to.

Have a great week everyone!



I Finally see Buds!!!!

I am very happy to share that my daffodils are finally starting to bloom.  Amazingly they are almost three weeks late in comparison to last year.


This is going to be another night of low 30’s unfortunately.  Spring is coming but boy is it slow!

Many of my shrubs and trees are starting to bud, my heart is filled with anticipation that “real” spring temps will be here soon!  I found little ants working on their entry tunnels and saw a few moths last night when sitting out on the deck.  This made me very happy as once the bugs start crawling, warmer weather is surely on its way!

I am almost done with the yard clean up and my seedlings are all taking off nicely.


I moved some of my yellow bush bean seedlings into the garden, (started to do well) but the wind was so strong last night, it bent and broke some of the stems. Lost four of them, Bummer!  Nature is just too extreme at times!!  Luckily my next batch will be ready in another two weeks.

I am trying to design my garden so it will continually produce veggies throughout Spring, Summer and Fall by starting seedlings ever few weeks.  This is a new approach to gardening for me, but very excited to give it a try.  If any of you have any suggestions it would be great to hear from you!

So far in the garden only my radishes, arugula and lettuce are sprouting, I am really surprised anything is growing given the weather.


Even with these cold temps these radishes are looking pretty good!  Almost ready to be thinned out.  Amazing how hearty these veggies are!

I am still waiting for my sugar snap peas, spinach, kale and beets.  My progress is slower than hoped for but I am delighted just the same!  Better to be doing something than nothing!

I sure hope the weather is warmer in your corner of the world and that you guys are accomplishing your yard and gardening projects. Personally, I think this has got to be one of the coldest Spring seasons that I can remember here in Massachusetts!

Will touch base again soon with another update, until then happy gardening!  Drop a note with an update if you have a moment, would love to hear how everyone else is making progress!


Inspiration! Go Over The Garden Edge!!!!

As you know, I have had a really difficult time with my gardens.  Some of my herbs and vegetables are slowly coming back from the damage due to bugs and critters, but sadly I have barely any delicious herbs to enjoy.

I really started bumming at the thought of no fresh herbs and having to wait for next year, that’s if they even survive! It has been such hard work!  I am definitely not planting anymore, as it has been so dry, difficult to keep up with all the watering. I know many gardeners are having a real hard time-saving their crops, which I find heart breaking.  Over half the country is in a severe drought and these extreme temps and dryness has yet been another difficulty for us garden lovers!

Well today I went to the nursery to pick up more bio-friendly insecticide, and I couldn’t help but notice that all plants and herbs were on sale.  Of course I just had to check it out and to my surprise they still had a decent selection of herbs available.  I started touching and smelling, delighted with the freshness of scent and texture.  “God, I wish my herbs were like this!” I must have lingered around the tables for at least 30 minutes! (people were looking at me strange…..”Herb Stalker”????)

Well, needless to say I could not leave without buying a nice selection.  I decided the only way I could enjoy fresh herbs now was to create a container garden on my back deck, protected from the critters and bugs!  Well from that thought I got really excited, why not bring the garden in for the winter and have lovely herbs to enjoy all year round!  I have a few sunny windows so why not?!

I was so excited and happy with this inspiration!   I don’t know why I did not consider this sooner!  I chose, Rosemary, chives, tarragon, marjoram, thyme, lemon balm, and mint to name a few….. Oh my!  My car smelled great the entire ride home!  I set up my little work area on the deck, containers and pots, soil, compost, fertilizer, boy did I have fun!

Creating my herb container garden

I played around before finalizing who would be planted with what, dug right in and within 20 minutes there it was!  What a wonderful feeling of satisfaction!

I am not so anxious for my herb garden, or any of my gardens anymore, they can take their sweet time to re-establish and if I am blessed with yummyness awesome, if not, that’s ok!   I know I have this little piece of heaven that will be coming inside, and it is a real nice comfort to have.  Maybe an indoor container garden with herbs can lift your spirits too!  Improvise if you have to!

Herb Garden in Containers 7-21-12

Of course my boyfriend and daughter think I’m a little nutty and that I have gone over the garden edge!  That’s ok with me, I guess I could be known for worse things!

Today was a such great day and I am so truly grateful for it.  I’m still fighting the good fight for all my gardens, but it feels great to have “a back up garden”, and especially, something positive to share with you all!

Keep smiling and noodling always!